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Maximize your fundraisers, while minimizing cost and effort!
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starting at $20 per raffle

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Why WinHalf?
Real-time Updates
All events provide real-time updates giving the users immediate feedback on the money, awards, and number of entries which helps drive more participation.
No App to Install
We give you a custom URL for your event. No one wants to download and install an app.
Mobile-based Account
Everyone is using their mobile device - we leverage the security of SMS validation to remove the need for user accounts.
Custom Branding
Each pot is branded for each organization - even down to the color of the tickets.
Onsite Cash Ticketing
Accept cash entries onsite and securely authorize volunteers.
Accept Credit Cards
Securely accept credit cards - maximizing the amount of entries.
Automated Closing & Selection
Each pot closes at a specific time and the winner(s) are notified via text message. Participants no longer need to be present at drawing.
Improve Tracking
Every transaction is linked to onsite volunteers and purchasers optimizing transparency and reducing fraud.
What does it cost?
Tickets Sold
up to 500
500 to 1000
$10 for every additional 1000 tickets sold.

All prices are listed in USD and billed at the close of the raffle.

About Us

WinHalf was founded by a team that was looking for a fun, new approach to running a split the pot raffle. We were tired of all the tickets and work that went into organizations utilizing raffles to raise money and even moreso by the costs associated with running raffles. Organizations like yours need to raise more funds to support your awesome mission.

So... We built WinHalf. WinHalf is meant to be a completely mobile-first, real-time take on the old, tired paper ticket raffles. Our platform gives your organization modern efficiency while giving it the ability to raise more funds. We're excited to partner with you!

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